Silent Beauty

An autobiographical exploration of my family's history with child sexual abuse and a culture of silence

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Latina Magazine Features Silent Beauty

Latina Magazine

I was thrilled to learn that Latina Magazine was interested in featuring Silent Beauty on their website. It gave me an opportunity to share so much more. More importantly, it introduced me to so many brave survivors. Thank you all for contacting me.

An excerpt from Latina Magazine:

When Jasmin Mara López was a child, she was abused by her grandfather, a beloved minister who regularly served his community. She didn't tell a soul. In fact, like many survivors of childhood abuse, López lived with those tormenting memories and the trauma it carried in silence for decades. It wasn't until 2014 when the New Orleans-based mexicana opened up about the sexual violence she had experienced in her youth. In doing so, she, unbeknownst to her at the time, allowed her relatives who had also suffered similar abuse in silence to discuss their haunting pasts and heal together.

But López, an award-winning journalist and producer, wants to explore the culture of silence around sexual abuse deeper, and she is using her family’s history to do that. The 37-year-old is writing and directing a documentary about that past.

“Silent Beauty” is an experimental documentary about the impacts of trauma, and the healing that sometimes occurs when opening up about it. The film, which is expected to be completed in fall 2017, includes López’s family’s super 8 archive (silent home films), cassette tape recordings and interviews that offer a unique tapestry of film, sounds and voices from her past and present.

We chatted with López about her film, the need to ditch the culture of silence around childhood sexual abuse in Latinx homes, what she has learned in the process of makin

To read the full interview: Silent Beauty on Latina Magazine

May 1, 2017

My grandfather, Gilberto Jimenez Romero, will be buried today. In his lifetime, he physically and sexually abused many children. As a father and minister, he built power in order to control and manipulate his children and family into silence. This silence lasted for generations. This silence ended with me and my beautifully courageous cousins.

In 2015, I called Gilberto and asked him to apologize to me and admit to the crimes he committed against dozens of children. He laughed at me, told me that I was crazy, that I was a person of poor character, and that I had been dreaming.

If I have been dreaming, this is the best dream I've ever had because my strength and my courage are tremendous. Goodbye forever, grandfather.

Today and always, I dance and I rise.