Silent Beauty

An autobiographical exploration of one woman’s family history with child sexual abuse and a culture of silence

Survivors' Stories

Since launching the Silent Beauty fundraising campaign, survivors from my family and other families have come to me with their stories and words of encouragement. I had the honor of documenting their voices, and you'll find them here.


My cousin, Camille, was the second person that came forward after I did in 2014. She was one of many children abused by my grandfather, and someone that experienced the most devastating effects of trauma. When she heard I had come forward, she was living in a court-appointed recovery home. Today, Camille is working in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility and often speaks about her experience on panels for people in recovery from addiction. 

Camille will be a voice in Silent Beauty.

Every survivor has an individual story and path. There isn’t a “right way” to come forward. It’s what you’re comfortable with doing and what you’re ready for.

If you're interested in sharing your story with me, please fill out the form below or contact me at: